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"Sara and Lindsey are excellent presenters and it is evident that they are both well versed in their therapeutic specialty.  I appreciated the lecture style and coordinated lab practice/application of skill."
-North Kansas City Hospital, MO
"This course is the most comprehensive and well presented vestibular course that I have attended. I highly recommend it to anyone who has an interest in this area of patient care."
- Amanda from St. Louis, MO
"I feel like I can take back what I've learned and put it into practice when I get home."
Karen from Huntsville, TX

"I enjoyed this class, especially the SOAP format of the clinical information, example videos and labs."
-North Kansas City Hospital, MO

See what clinicians are saying about Vestibular Educators...

- Course Speakers - 

"Sara and Lindsey presented a challenging topic very well."

"Excellent Course! As a PT I appreciated the amount of time pent on treatment and practicing treatment which is often missing from other courses."

"Lindsey and Sara were knowledgeable and interesting. They were informative and easy to follow."

- Course Videos and Labs -

"Excellent videos, they really showed exactly how to perform tests and techniques which complemented the verbal instruction."

"The videos allowed me to better visualize tests and treatment techniques and the hands on lab practice was a great way to apply what I was learning, they really helped."

"I really liked getting the opportunity to have skills practice with the instructors present to give us tips and suggestions."

- Course Textbook -

"The course book is very organized and helpful. It's a great reference."

"I appreciated the quality of  our workbook. I will be using it a lot as a reference."

"Loved the organization of the binder for our reference. Very well put together."

"Very nice course book with good appendix!...FANTASTIC course and includes lots of good information/resources I can use tomorrow."

- Overall Course -

"The instructors did an excellent job of taking complex information and applying it to real world/actual patient application. I really like the fact that I now have the basic tools to treat BPPV and other vestibular disorders, as well as the confidence to  do so."

- Brian from Huntsville, TX


"I have taken several vestibular courses and this one was by far more informative and easier to understand the canals...both of you are very knowledgeable and great."

-North Kansas City Hospital, MO

"Lindsey and Sara's presentation is very interesting, informative, and easy to follow. They did a great job of breaking down the information so it was easier to understand."

Colleen from Houston, TX


"The course  videos and hands on demonstration made what we were learning much easier to understand. The course book is very thorough and well organized. It will be a great clinic reference for me when treating patients with vestibular disorders."

Rose from Ballwin, MO

"Sara and Lindsey were great speakers. They both demonstrated strong knowledge of the topic and were precise and clear while presenting the material. I really appreciated their combination of knowledge, evidence, and experience."

Katie from Edwardsville, IL

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