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The course will be a comprehensive one and a half day seminar covering the evaluation and treatment of various balance and dizziness conditions, collectively known as vestibular dysfunction. The material covered is applicable primarily to Physical Therapists and Physical Therapy Assistants, but is also suitable for Occupational Therapists and Occupational Therapy assistants. The areas of clinical practice that vestibular therapy pertains to are wide reaching and include acute care, home health, inpatient rehab, outpatient therapy (sports and neurology), as well as private practice. No previous vestibular experience is necessary. The material covered will start with basic content and then expand into greater detail. It's ideal  for those looking to start in this area of care, as well as those looking for a “refresher.” No specialized equipment is required to begin this course of therapy, clinicians could return and start practice right away.

Course Content

This course is meant to be a comprehensive introductory course into the practice of Vestibular Therapy, which is commonly performed by Physical Therapists and Occupational Therapists, as well as each disciplines’ respective assistants. The prevalence of balance and dizziness disorders is wide reaching, costly, and can significantly impair quality of life. Vestibular therapy is a means to effectively evaluate and treat those suffering from these disorders to help restore function and well-being. Therapy departments of hospitals (acute, inpatient, SNF), as well as home health and outpatient services are quickly recognizing the demand for such a skill set and once properly trained therapists can begin treating those at risk. By gaining the necessary skills to perform vestibular evaluation and treatment, clinicians can improve an individual's balance and stability, restore confidence, decrease dizziness, reduce risk of falls and secondary injuries, as well as reduce anxiety and depression. The clinical application of the vestibular skill set does not require expensive or specialized equipment to be effective. Participants can leave after course completion with the necessary tools to return and begin treating current and new patients and restoring quality of life.

In the Literature...

"...5 min of GSE (gaze stabilization exercises) immediately improve the postural stability required for vestibular function...Thus, GSE can be useful for balance training in vestibular rehabilitation."


Neuroreport 2017,

Vol 00 No 00

"The emerging literature also supports vestibular rehabilitation for dizziness, balance and vestibulo-ocular impairments after concussions."
Am J Sports Med,
Oct 42(10) 2479-2486
"...dizziness intensity was reduced immediately after both manual therapy interventions, and the effects were maintained for 12 weeks."
Physical Therapy
94 (4); 466-476

"Vestibular rehabilitation was conducted in 56% of patients.  Starting it early (<1 mo) seemed to be beneficial for final equilibrium outcome."

Otology & Neurology

36; 886-891 2015

Course textbook with presentation slides is included for each paying participant.

If hosting facilities have swiss ball, therex pads, dyna discs, and plinths available this would facilitate lab practice further.


"The instructors did an excellent job of taking complex information and applying it to real world/actual patient application. I really like the fact that I now have the basic tools to treat BPPV and other vestibular disorders, as well as the confidence to  do so."

"Lindsey and Sara's presentation is very interesting, informative, and easy to follow. They did a great job of breaking down the information so it was easier to understand."

"The course  videos and hands on demonstration made what we were learning much easier to understand. The course book is very thorough and well organized. It will be a great clinic reference for me when treating patients with vestibular disorders."

Colleen from Houston, TX

"Sara and Lindsey were great speakers. They both demonstrated strong knowledge of the topic and were precise and clear while presenting the material. I really appreciated their combination of knowledge, evidence, and experience.

Brian from Huntsville, TX

— Rose from Ballwin, MO

— Katie from Edwardsville, IL

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